Futuresbio is a family business, dedicated to import- and export of deep frozen fruits and vegetables, organic products are our speciality.
In our company, we pursue objectives aimed at promoting a healthy environment, so we constantly encourage and care about respect and scrupulous care of the environment, promoting the consumption of sustainable crops, being fully aware of the need to contribute to preserve our natural environment, betting on the best possible feeding of fruits and vegetables that can redefine and innovate this market.

Our company

We are specialized in commercializing deep frozen vegetables and fruits of organic cultivation and value-added food products.
Our company is located in the southeast of Spain, being a privileged area because of its fertile soil and first-class raw material.

We count on more than 15 years of experience in the food industry with specialization in organic agriculture and value-added products, betting on sustainable products since we started our business project.

Thanks to our daily effort, perseverance, proximity, professionalism, personalized treatment, we offer our clients an exclusive service with top quality products, certified with BRC/IFS.

In particular, we work throughout the national territory, in addition to exporting our products to the whole European Union.
Our company makes the maximum effort to provide the best possible service, highlighting the efficiency and speed in providing logistic solutions in order to ensure the personalized supply to all our customers without any kind of delay.


Through a thorough dedication and extensive work experience in the sector forged for years, our company has the best procedures and protocols of action necessary to cover all the processes of assistance, distribution, safety, product quality and legality in all the actions we carry out, in order to offer the best results and fully satisfy all our customers.
We are characterized by our exhaustive thoroughness and demand when obtaining and supplying the best food from a sustainable crop, which in turn allows us to fully satisfy our final recipient. This has allowed us to work for today’s large companies and collaborate with leading distribution chains, both in our country and in Europe.
Therefore, from Futuresbio we try to promote the sale of this type of environmentally friendly products, having managed to cover and satisfy more and more customers, achieving with our effort and perseverance brand recognition in new markets, both nationally and internationally.

Doubts and questions

At Futuresbio we are pleased to overcome any challenge, so if you are looking for products that are not currently in the range offered through this website, please ask us without hesitation and we will try to do our best to meet your expectations!

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